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Greentopia 2014 Corporate Sponsorships Now Available

Corporate sponsorship gives your company or organization now year-round exposure to audiences for the entire array of projects and programs of Friends of the GardenAerial…including all Greentopia events and festivals!

We’ve constructed several levels of sponsorship, but custom sponsorships can be crafted to your particular needs. To find out more about our corporate sponsorship levels, please contact Lewis Stess at lewis@gardenaerial.org or call 585-287-5560, ext. 21. Or go directly to our Corporate Sponsor page for information and easy, secure online payment.

Greentopia Receives State Grant of $100,000 for 2014 Arts Programming!

We are proud to announce that Friends of the GardenAerial received a New York State Council on the Arts’ (NYSCA) highest grant award of $100,000 towards Arts programming for Greentopia 2014! We are so excited about what this award will allow us to do in 2014-2015 and are busy making plans for the 2014 Fall Festival programming. Wait until you see what we have planned!

Documentary Films and Social Change

Did you hear that?

At this very moment, non-fiction filmmaking is cresting a wave of art and impact. Techniques of character development, twisting plot points, and sometimes even humor, have propelled the old school traditional social message films into the forefront of our global community consciousness.This has expanded the audience and, now more than ever, these films are able to push boundaries and break down barriers. Take for instance, how THE INVISIBLE WAR, moved Sen. Gillibrand to take action on the issue of sexual assault in the military.

We’re on the edge of our seats, watching the progress of her bill.

Art. Impact.

Friends of the GardenAerial Purchases Landmark Falls Property

Friends of the GardenAerial Purchases Landmark Falls Property

Historic property to become part of new effort to transform world-class site at High Falls

Rochester, NY (May 29, 2013) – Friends of the GardenAerial has announced the acquisition of the historic 28,478 square-foot property known as 275 St. Paul Street, a parcel that contains the landmark Rochester Gas & Electric Station #4 as well as the escarpment over which the Genesee River flows, creating the 96-foot-high cascade known as High Falls. More

Greentopia Film Film

We’ve made our own little trailer about last year’s Greeentopia | FILM. Check it out and get ready for even more fun and excitement this year.